DKCH Maghera Crystal Mirage is a blue and white male born on 14 of December 1994. He achived jugendsieger in Berlin 1996, and is trained as a sheepdog. Rupert got his title as Danish Champion at the show on 16. of March 1997 in Årslev.

Pedigree of DKCH Maghera Crystal Mirage "Rupert"
AUSCH NZCH Loch n Legacy To Clan Abby AUSCH NZCH Windygyle Maori Chief AUSCH Lochinbrae of Clan Abby NZCH Clan Abby Lornas Brae
NZ & AUSCH Rullion Joy
AUSCH Windygyle Silhouette AUSCH Windygyle Gallant Lad CD
Windygyle Secret Affair
AUSCH NZCH Casanovajoy of Clan Abby AUSCH NZCH Maghera Casanova AUSCH Fyneglen Playboy
Maghera Depeche Mode
AUSCH NZCH Rullion Joy Tullaview Tornado
Sarasota Saretta
AUSCH Maghera Crystal Clear Lindenbrae Tarfin Gideon AUSCH Rullion Gambit CH Teaoha Don Juan
CH Sarasota Saretta
Lindenbrae Tarantellya AUSCH Fyneglen Playboy
AUSCH Lindenbrae Zhenya
AUSCH Maghera Crystl Cascade AUSCH Checkmate Caledonian Jenlehtop Jordie
Checkmate Islay
AUSCH Maghera Jubilation Tullaview Tornado
Maghera My Swallow

Owner Breeder
Lene Bentzen
Kennel Maghera

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