BorderShock Launching Tanthsuperfan, is a tri-colour female Border Collie born on the 25. of february 1995. Lykke has been trained in obedience since she was 10 weeks old, and she started her herding career on geese when she was 12 weeks old. In february 1997, Lykke started herding class on sheep, and she has developed into being a very enthusistic and competent sheep dog.

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Pedigree of BorderShock Launching Tanthsuperfan
Redside Flaming Star Grandver True Colours at Tilfin Grandver Secret Epic
Grandver Chantilly
Broadhead Jess at Redside Cap
Ezel of the Troll
Oyster Pearl Alpha at Beesting
Marble Court
Ronja Benno

Owner Breeder
Oliver Sperling
Ved Andebakken 8
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone (+45) 38341344
Kennel BorderShock
Pernille Westh
Hvidemosevej 38
4070 Kr. Hyllinge
Phone (+45) 46404839

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