We, Søren & Vibeke Kops, got Kismet when he was 15 months old. Before that he lived at his breeder Pernille Westh, who still has the breeding rights of Kismet. Kismet was soon a part of our family. That includes parents and two grown up sons, who all regard Kismet to be the families afterthought. During the first half year Kismet went to obedience and to agility. Kismet still goes to agility, which he is very competent at. Kismet is also a very good football player. Some of the kids in the neighbourhood want to get him to join the local football team. Kismet is not only a lovely, quiet family dog, with a good temper, but at a pinch he is also willing to work.

Pedigree of Bordershock Thonenonly "Kismet"
DKCH Maghera Crystal Mirage AUSCH NZCH Loch n Legacy To Clan Abby AUSCH NZCH Windygyle Maori Chief AUSCH Lochinbrae of Clan Abby
AUSCH Windygyle Silhouette
AUSCH NZCH Casanovajoy of Clan Abby AUSCH NZCH Maghera Casanova
AUSCH NZCH Rullion Joy
AUSCH Maghera Crystal Clear Lindenbrae Tarfin Gideon AUSCH Rullion Gambit
Lindenbrae Tarantellya
AUSCH Maghera Crystl Cascade AUSCH Checkmate Caledonian
AUSCH Maghera Jubilation
DKCH Maghera Alusive Dream AUSCH Borderfame Alusive Lover

More of Sonny
AUSCH NZCH Clan Abby Phantom of Love AUSCH NZCH Clan Abby Casanova Too
NZCH Clan Abby Lornas Love
AUSCH Border Fame Forever Magic AUSCH Border Fame Bravo
Borderfame Red Supa Star
Richway Dream Weaver AUSCH Maghera Pretender AUSCH Rullion Gambit
Maghera Fantasy
Seashape Sea Lassy AUSCH Rullion Archer
Jessielass Bonnie Lass

Owner Breeder
Søren & Vibeke Kops
Vejgårdspark 72
3520 Farum.
Kennel BorderShock
Pernille Westh
Hvidemosevej 38
4070 Kr. Hyllinge
Phone (+45) 46404839

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