Kiki, is a sable colored female Border Collie born on 17 of June 1994. She is a thorough familydog and always tries to control her family. At home ground she is a very happy and vivacious dog, who when it is time for really serious fun and games, can send the carpets right up the wall. She choses her dog- and human friends with care and doesn't accept just anybody. Kiki isn't particulary interrested in agility, but is happy working in the obedience ring. She has achived 1. price in obedience class 1 and 2. Recently (Aug. 1996) she has started working on sheep, but has not been really hooked yet.

Kiki's family tree
Orm Laddy (Not available)
(Not available)
Flossi (Not available)
(Not available)
Solfaris Kari Redside Flaming Star Grandver True Colours at Tilfin
Broadhead Jess at Redside
Josefine Wag

Owner Breeder
Jørgen Winther
Trongårdsparken 43
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Phone (+45) 45878842
Michael Hansen

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