Jennie will be 2 on 2nd March 1999. She originally came from a farm in South Wales. Her parents Harry & Bess are working sheep dogs, although unfortunately Harry is no longer alive. Harry was black and white and Bess is a blue merle. Jennie was the only red merle in the litter. I obtained her from a Rescue Home after falling in love with her. She was donated by her owners as the rescue people promised to find her a good home. She has one now ! I have had her since she was 6 weeks old and she came to work with me for the first 6 months of her life and spent mornings in an indoor kennel next to my desk. Jennie is registered with the English Kennel Club on the working register as her parents are unregistered. He working name is Just Jennie. I am training her in agility and obedience, but she is not good enough to compete at competitions yet. She thinks and runs very fast so is not the easiest dog to train but we will get there one day. When she does get it right I have been told she will be very good. She lives with me, my husband, our black and white collie, Sam and our two cats. She is very lively and I exercise her with my friend and her four whippets so she has plenty of friends to run around with. Jennie is extremely good around the house and is very affectionate.

Glenda Cutler.

Owner Breeder
Glenda and Jim Cutler

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